Huma Abedin Urged Hillary Campaign to Avoid Answering Press Questions

hillary-clinton-prison-parkinsonsJust in case you aren’t aware of just how irrelevant Hillary Clinton and her team thinks you are, we learned the following from the Wikileaks Podesta emails:


Submitted by Michael Krieger

The Hill reports:

Senior Hillary Clinton aide Huma Abedin argued to top staffers that Clinton should consider not taking questions from the press for fear of overshadowing her presidential campaign’s message, according to emails released by WikiLeaks.

“Can we survive not answering questions from press at message events[?]” Abedin, who serves as Clinton’s campaign vice chairwoman, asked in a May 2015 email, according to Politico. “Her [David Dinkins Forum] speech and immigration message broke through because we didn’t take questions.”

In contrast, Abedin wrote, the Democratic presidential nominee’s desired narrative got lost when she took questions after other speeches.

Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta disagreed.

“If she thinks we can get to Labor Day without taking press questions, I think that’s suicidal,” he wrote back.

“We have to find some mechanism to let the stream out of the pressure cooker.”

At one point, Clinton went 275 days without holding a formal press conference until breaking the drought in September.

Meanwhile, in another leaked email, we learn that Hillary Clinton campaign chairman, John Podesta, referred to two Democratic politicians as “needy latinos.”

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Finally, you’ll get a kick out of the following two video clips of The Young Turks’ Jordan Chariton trying to get a straight answer out of Clinton campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri and campaign chair John Podesta about what was said during her private Wall Street speeches.

But what difference does it make.

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