Hugo Salinas Price: There Will Always Be Suffering, But There’s A Recipe To Lessen The Suffering

Hugo says the best recipe to lessen the suffering includes private property, free markets, equal rules for everybody, and Christianity. Here’s more…

Hugo Salinas Price interviewed by Dmitriy Balkovskiy on The Reactionary

00:00 Dmitriy’s intro
01:53 Hugo Salinas Price’s intro
03:06 HSP on the near-term price of gold.
05:02 HSP’s open letter to Trump on silver monetization in the USA
07:34 The oncoming financial crisis – what gives first.
08:48 On the future of Mexico and Latin America.
13:35 The role of Russia – the dramatic reversal from communism to Christian conservatism.
19:35 Three historical figures you admire the most.
22:36 Why HSP became a gold/silver advocate, his motivation.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Dmitriy Balkovskiy of The Reactionary blog – . Let me introduce to you the interview with Hugo Salinas Price, the world’s leading expert on precious metals monetization and all things related.

This is not your typical gold bug interview – “buy physical gold for savings and stocks for speculation”. You will not find specific investment advice there, but there is something infinitely more valuable in the interview: Mr. Salinas gives us philosophical, spiritual reasons for saving in precious metals and talks about the history of the problem. The interview was prerecorded hence the editing – thanks for watching.

1. Don Hugo, what is your view of the near-term prospects for gold. How high is the probability that gold would reach $1400 by the end of the year?

$1400 by the year’s end is quite feasible… Gold is behaving unusually since the moment FRS’s Powell reversed his policy on credit contraction. The price of gold shows signs of manipulation.

2. You have recently published two open letters to Trump regarding silver monetization – have you received positive or any feedback?

I have heard nothing from president Trump. Trump is destroying the dollar system; the destruction of the dollar system is good for the world. The monetization of silver would be very helpful for the United States.

3. What is a probable scenario for the oncoming financial crisis, what gives first – China, USA, Italy or something else?

The situation is changing fast, the future is uncertain. Russia’s gold buying is a positive sign.

4. What is your view of the future of Mexico and Latin America as a whole? What is the ideal path you would want your region to follow?

Mexico’s location next to the United States is a great misfortune. Mexico was very prosperous as a part of the Spanish colonial empire, silver trade with China was decisive. The history of Mexico’s Pacific trade. Mexico’s stance on Venezuela.

5. At our last meeting at the 2017 Silver peso conference you told me that in 1956 you boycotted the Russian (then Soviet) embassy because of the Soviet invasion of Hungary. But now you consider Russia one of the last hopes of Christendom – what do you think of such a tremendous change?

The transition from the Soviet Union to modern Russia is a miracle. Russia is the last remaining Christian country. The world worships prosperity. Suffering is a part of life, always will be. The abolition of suffering is impossible, we cannot have a society where suffering is eliminated. Private property, free markets, equal rules for everybody and Christian religion – the best recipe for attenuation of suffering.

6. The three historical figures you admire most.

Jesus Christ as the founder of Christendom. Saint Paul and Saint Constantine the Great.

7. Don Hugo, you have been at the forefront of the global fight for sound money for the past 30 years. It has been a noble, hard, but in many ways thankless struggle. What started you on this path, what was your motivation? Would you choose to go the same way if you could turn back time?

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