Hugo Salinas Price: Some Thoughts On Democracy And China

President Xi’s government of China is well-aware of the problems that may be troubling certain sectors of the Chinese economy, and his government must…

by Hugo Salinas Price via

Wise Aristotle placed “Democracy” in the category of “Worst Possible Political System”, some 2,300 years ago.

Today, Democracy has become the only accepted political system. All others are considered outrageous. This circumstance did not come about by itself, that is to say, in the course of a normal change in the flow of opinion among the nations of the world.

The United States was founded as a “Republic” not a “Democracy”. (Hardly anyone remembers that this was the theme of Bob Welch, founder of the “John Birch Society” back in the 1950’s.) Among those responsible for confusing the population of the USA into the acceptance of “Democracy”, we must point a finger at Franklin Delano Roosevelt, President of the USA from 1933 to 1945.

“Democracy” has been foisted upon the world, by the mysterious, occult power in the hands of the Lords of Money, one of whose servants was FDR.

The USA is a nation now writhing in the turmoil of a people divided up into numberless groups, each of them feeling that they suffer a particular social grievance, which justifies their resort to public disorder and violence to obtain redress.

The Lords of Money look to the spread of the public turmoil, from the USA to the rest of the world, because social disorder opens a clear road to absolute world power for them; governments that forbid public violence as a means of expressing dissatisfaction with social conditions are termed, by a captive Press subject to the Lords of Money, as “Repressive” or “Dictatorial”.

Aristotle was correct, in classifying “Democracy” as the worst of all possible political systems.

The adherents of “Democracy” approve the use of violence when certain groups rampage on society, looking to improve their economic condition. This can only lead to continuous strife, because it is the nature of things, for humans to be dissatisfied with the problems that life presents. Thus any “Democracy” must suffer from continual internal strife among diverse factions.

Though it is true that the objective of good government must be the general welfare of the population, the means to achieve that welfare do not lie down the path of “Democracy”.

China refers to itself as a “Democracy” in order to present an acceptable face both to her own people, and to the rest of humanity. In fact, it is actually a “Monarchy” – the best of all possible political systems. The installation of this monarchy must have required an enormous purge of refractory individuals who would not submit to peaceful economic intercourse. Such is the cost of establishing a civilization!

In the picture we get of China through the news media, we see a country at peace with itself, whose population is occupied with working-out its interests in peaceful collaboration. What we do not see, is the threat of repression which must be at work, to prevent public disorder with “strikes” and mass demonstrations of protest, violent or peaceful. A society in which disorder is not repressed, is a society in the process of crumbling into savagery.

President Xi’s government of China is well-aware of the economic problems that may be troubling certain sectors of the chinese economy, and his government must surely be attempting to address those problems. But President Xi’s government is not going to allow public disorder: strikes, demonstrations and violence do not solve problems, but they do cause them.

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