HRC & Obama Say Sri Lankan ‘Easter Woshippers’: Conservatives Say ‘They’re Called Christians’

Were Hillary Clinton and Obama’s word choices intended to undermine Christian faith in the United States? 

from Zero Hedge

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are being roundly criticized for their apparently coordinated decision not to use the word ‘Christian’ to describe the victims of the Easter Sunday bombings in Sri Lanka, which targeted three Catholic churches, among other targets. Some even speculated whether Obama’s and Clinton’s decision was intended to undermine the Christian faith in the US.


Instead of using the label “Christians”, Obama and Clinton referred to the victims of the attacks as “Easter Worshippers”, elicited ridicule from conservatives on Twitter.

The fact that three churches were targeted would suggest that Sri Lanka’s Christian minority was specifically targeted by the attackers.

Unsurprisingly, Obama and Clinton weren’t the only Democrats who artfully avoided the word “Christian”.

Offering a possible explanation, one Twitter wit argued that Obama and Clinton may have been correct to not specifically name Christians since Easter coincides with other holidays on the island (though he didn’t do himself any favors by referring to Sri Lanka by its British colonial name Ceylon).

Then again…

Regardless, we imagine we’ll be revisiting this in a few months when the annual ‘war on Christmas’ begins.