How To Survive The Everything Bubble And Even Thrive After It Bursts

What are the REAL RISKS that families face, and what can we do to survive & thrive in this dystopic and upside-down world? Jerry Robinson explains…

Jerry Robinson interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

With unprecedented policies from the Fed and global central banks distorting markets, misallocating capital, and inflating BUBBLES EVERYWHERE (fiat currencies, sovereign debts, bonds, stocks, real estate, and crypto-currencies), what are the REAL RISKS that ordinary families are facing, and what can we realistically do to survive & thrive in this dystopic and upside down world?

Jerry Robinson, economist, veteran trend-trading coach, and founder of, returns to Reluctant Preppers to issue his seasoned perspective on what specific risks we need to watch out for. Robinson recaps his 5 Levels of Financial Freedom, and what current opportunities and priorities we need to pay attention to NOW!