HOW To Save Your Money In A CRASH!

Are stop losses what people claim they are, and what about alternative investments?

by Tim Picciott with Kirk Chisholm via World Alternative Media

Tim Picciott talks with Kirk Chisholm, ranked #7 most influential adviser in America by Investopedia.
Kirk specializes in risk management using option strategies.
In this podcast, you’ll hear how Innovative Advisory Group was able to capture most of the upside from 2019 while missing almost all of the downside in 2020.
Tim and Kirk cover many topics as we see a major crash in the stock market and unstable attempts to mitigate the problem by manipulating the markets further.
Kirk talks about how his firm faired during last week’s major sell off. Lessons from the dot com bubble and financial crisis are discussed as well as why stop losses aren’t what many people claim.
Alternative investments and Investment Retirement Funds are discussed as well.

This video is perfect for those who don’t have time to manage all of their funds and are concerned about the fall of the dollar and the further collapse of the stock market.

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