How To Avoid Being The Victim When Wall Street’s Newer, Bigger Bubble Pops

People and governments were blindsided by the subprime debacle, but they don’t have to be caught blindsided again…

by Chris Marcus of Arcadia Economics

While most of Wall Street and the government agencies were caught blindsided by the subprime debacle, there were a group of financial experts who did see it in advance. And warned their clients, and made out quite well while Wall Street was collapsing.

Which most of the world has still yet to find out about. Although fortunately documentary filmmaker Jimmy Morrison has created a film called “The Bubble.” Which explores the root causes of the collapse, the key factors that allowed it to occur, and how we can avoid making the same mistakes again.

Jimmy was at the recent New Orleans Investment Conference, and he was kind enough to join me on the show to share a preview of the film. As well as how people can use the wisdom shared in the film to avoid being the victim when Wall Street’s newer bigger bubble collapses.