How To Approach Friends & Family With A Peace of Mind As SOCIETY COLLAPSES

Stefan Molyneux shares his tips for cutting the anxiety that may be felt as we witness society collapsing all around us…

Stefan Molyneux in a hard hitting interview

Stefan explains how to deal with the anxiety that may build due to constant bad news and friends and family who are unwilling to listen.

Question: “Being someone on the far right who consumes a lot of information on a daily basis, how do I prevent having a constant feeling of anxiety about the future of my people, when every day I am either bombarded by news of European people suffering from the effects of the migrant crisis (grooming rings, unsafe schools, working class families being pushed into poverty etc.) or have to reconcile myself with our inevitable demographic decline and the abandonment of our European homelands to invaders from the Third World? I already moved from Germany to Eastern Europe, to at least have some peace of mind by not having to live in the midst of all this degeneration and civilizational decay. Yet I can’t opt out of seeing the Sword of Damocles above so many things I love and care for. This feeling often prevents me from enjoying my daily life, which actually isn’t bad, and makes most of my conversations with friends inevitably turn political. Stefan and I might not have the exact same world view, but I would like to know how he, as a professional political commentator who does see some of the same dangers looming on the horizon, would recommend to deal with this kind of anxiety?”