How The Deep State Globalists Duped Americans With Covid-19 To Collapse The US Economy And Mortally Wound The Empire (Explained As Simply As Possible)

If you are not up-to-speed, then get up-to-speed right here. This is, after all, a race between Freedom & Liberty and TOTAL DESTRUCTION of America…


Half Dollar’s Rant Note –

Again this week, there is zero toilet paper at my local Costco, and when buying two boxes of meds yesterday at Walmart’s pharmacy, the front-line pharmacy employee was very strongly trying to get me to buy only one single box, repeating, “this box has 48 pills in it, which is a lot, so it should be plenty, so you can just buy one box instead”.

That said, I bought both boxes because one box of the med really isn’t a lot, all things considered.

It is almost as if, internally, one of two things is going on here –

  1. Walmart is seeing problems with drug availability and/or actual or imminent supply chain disruptions and telling their pharmacy departments to engage in a little friendly persuasion in order to try to get people to buy less.
  2. Americans are totally and completely flat-out broke, so Walmart’s front-line pharmacy employees via rote memorization and Orwellian prespeak simply don’t even wait for the question anymore, which wasn’t even asked, but rather, they just go ahead and push whatever costs the absolute lowest for the customer, be him or her insured, uninsured, medi-covered, cash paying, or whatever.

Either way, this doesn’t bode well for Main Street.





In an era of smartphones and social media, False Flags and False Flag Hoaxes of the violent variety, including and up to war, are very difficult to pull off.

Moreover, the alternative media can pick apart any violent/destructive False Flag or False Flag Hoax within 48 hours.

I mean, isn’t it funny how the Beirut Blast, a freakin’ nuke that nearly totally destroyed an entire major capital city, was gone from the news in less time?

Funny, or a dang shame, that is.

And no, I haven’t gone down that rabbit hole, so I really have no clue as to what went on other than the proles took it real good, and by real good, I mean FUBAR+1.

I don’t care to go down that rabbit hole because my battle is for a return to the Constitutionally required, bi-metallic Gold & Silver Standard, and this fight is more of a firefight than I can handle as it is.

But I digress.

Back to False Flags and False Flag Hoaxes: What can’t exactly be seen in an era of pocket computers with high-speed, wireless connectivity?

A virus.

That’s what.

So if you need an absolutely huge event to kick-off the collapse of any given country, in an era of constant cameras ensuring multiple viewing angles in the highest of definition, you need some violence of the invisible type, do you not?

And if we’re not talking about the collapse of Banana Republic, but rather, the Fall of Empire, then it needs to be one absolutely gargantuan event.

Enter the CCCP.



Wrong Cold War.

I meant the CCP.

Silly me.

What did we see in January?

We saw a few images of crazy stuff, and by crazy stuff I mean old men face-planting on the sidewalk, and fat ladies falling from ten-story buildings, and not one, but two mega-“hospitals” built in one week, and incinerators burning human corpses, possibly by the gazillions but surely enough to register from satellites orbiting the Earth, and all the while, we saw complete and total denial by those dang Chinese Commies.

Then, lo and behold, people began to say “it’s spreading into the United States”, and our government was saying there was no risk for this little bugger.

Or was that not the message in those early January and February days?

Now, here’s why the virus is brilliant from the Deep State Globalists’ perspective, and, more importantly, why the manner in which the way it spread is critical: You see, not even the sheeple would be fooled into involuntary mass open slaughter in the fields and in the grazing pastures, so for the Deep State Globalists to come out and say, “um, yeah, excuse me people, but we’re gonna have to shut absolutely everything down and force people to stay in their homes, or in their cruise ships, or in their hotel rooms, or in their whatevers, for months on end”, well now, there’s something rather untrustworthy about that, isn’t there?

I mean, that dog don’t hunt.

Enter the alternative media.

And I have to admit that I was fooled myself.

At first.


From my time working for the CDC and the NIH, that’s why.

That is to say, especially with my expertise regarding HIV, I knew our elected “leaders” and public “servants” were lying in those early days, and when they weren’t lying, the government, at most levels, was botching its response to the situation.

In fact, I started talking about the “mystery virus” on January 20th (video will start auto-playing at appropriate time-stamp):

I knew it would be a big deal, and on that day in January, I speculated the intent was to collapse China’s economy.

In hindsight, we can all see that I was clearly wrong, and here in August of 2020, we can clearly see whose economy they wanted to collapse.

But I digress.

Also in late January, I was talking about “asymptomatic transmission” before the rest of Scientific Academia even knew or remembered that that was actually a thing.

In this show from January 24th, I was also specifically discussing how the US Government was downplaying the whole thing:

Which is why people like myself and others in the alternative media knew this was going to be an absolutely huge deal.

In other words, please understand that when the government says “don’t worry”, then worry, and when the government says, “everything’s fine”, then all heck’s about to break loose.

In late January end even into March, the government and its MSM Propagandists were playing the whole “don’t worry, be happy” melody.

Indeed, on January 27th, I was very critical of the US Government’s downplaying of the coronavirus, from government agencies such as the CDC, to politicians, like actor-salesman President Trump:

Here’s the thing, and I’ve been trying to make this point all along, so let me make it again, but in a different way, because it’s important to understand: Our government is nearly totally corrupted and evil to the core, so 99 out of 100 times, the government is flat out lying to the people, and in the other 1 out of 100 times, the government is being deceitful, so when everybody was saying the coronavirus was no big deal, and especially those in government, I knew from my expertise in HIV, STDs and vaccines, that the government was lying, so “no big deal” really meant “the absolute biggest deal”.

Now, whether the virus is real or not doesn’t matter, for a virus is invisible to the human (and smartphone) eye.

You can’t see the virus on the latest iPhone, so yeah, who knows how real, or not, it was?

Nonetheless, the Deep State Globalists said the coronavirus was no big deal, which meant it was a totally huge deal, and now, the coronavirus has pretty much turned out to be the biggest deal in modern history, has it not?

Here’s a very specific example of the “no big deal” attitude, from President Trump, on February 26th, in which he said cases would be close to zero in a couple of days (video will start playing at the appropriate time stamp from the lead-in question from the reporter):

Understand that when Trump says “when you have 15 people, and the 15 within a couple of days, it’s going to be down to close to zero, uh, that’s a pretty good job we’re talking about”, Trump is telling a bold faced lie.

Hopefully the overall point I’m trying to make is coming across.

This is one gigantic Deep State Globalist bait-n-switch.

The bait was that the coronavirus was NO BIG DEAL at all.

And I admit, I fell for it, and so did many in the alternative media, and in my specific case, it was from drawing off my public health and disease expertise, in the sense that I KNEW it would not be no big deal, but rather, that it would be a VERY BIG deal.

And it was.

But what’s happened now?

The government has flipped.

That is to say, now, in mid-2020, coronavirus is a HUGE DEAL.

So when we see the flip, such as with Trump in this Tweet:

We know that this is another bold-faced lie, and therefore, it really is no big deal.

Side Note: When Trump says “there is nobody more Patriotic than me”, since he is simply doing what all of our evil, corrupt elected “leaders” and career public “servants” do, which is to tell bold-faced lies, when Trump says “there is nobody more Patriotic than me”, what Trump is really saying is, “there is nobody more Deep State Globalist in Patriot’s Clothing than me”.

Or is that not what he’s saying?

Melania is saying it too:

Which is exactly another reason why I have now become so anti-mask, specifically referring to the masks that are not of the “respirator” variety (N-95 masks).

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, what’s the other reason you’re now so anti-mask?”.

It’s simple.

Only a total idiot or a strait-up liar would say that a condom with 1000 holes poked in it is useful in preventing pregnancy or STDs, and in the same sense, only a Deep State Globalist would say to use a bandanna, a home-made cloth mask, a scarf, a surgical mask, or any of those other stupid things that people slap on their faces that offer zero protection against airborne pathogens, much less when we’re talking about a particularly nasty, potentially aerosolized little bugger that can supposedly travel 10 stories through the PVC pipes, lead tubing, duct work and concrete walls to infect people.

Alternatively, the Sheeple will say to use one of those ineffective masks too, because, well, they’re sheeple.

They’ll never get it.

They’re only meant to be fleeced, or slaughtered.

These sheep no longer produce wool

And so they’re about to get the latter.

People say silver is climbing, not a ladder, but a staircase:

At this point, who knows?

I’ll say exactly what I said on August 11th:

Once the smash in gold & silver is over, an agreement will be made, and the roar of the helicopters will be heard overhead.

So far, this seems to be the right call.

On Monday, I calculated the paper gold-to-silver ratio with a 72-handle, on Wednesday, I calculated the paper gold-to-silver ratio with a 72-handle, and today, I just calculated the paper gold-to-silver ratio with a, ah, nevermind:

It would appear the cartel has very little wiggle room right now.

Gold appears to have some support above $1900:


Especially considering the Institutional Investors green light and the coming helicopter drop of free money.

Shameless plug time: Simon Popple and I discussed the institutional investors’ green light in detail on Tuesday of this week:

Thank you for your consideration!

Palladium is still straddling either side of $2200:

Once the other three precious metals get to moving, palladium will get to moving too, but I wouldn’t expect palladium to be the precious metals’ MVP as it has been in recent years.

Platinum will be the runner-up MVP:

And I do think it will rise to the top of the leader board as fast as Biden rose to the top of the Circus Side Show that is the 2020 Election.

Granted, the MVP will be silver.

And for many years to come, resets notwithstanding.

I keep saying copper’s not crashing:

Because “inflation” can no longer be hidden.

Although I’m not quite certain we’ve seen the low in crude oil:

Because when you’re collapsing the US economy and you’re mortally wounding the Empire, why would you not want to absolutely crush the US oil industry?

Making a cameo appearance to present the US Stock Market this week, here’s President Trump:

That’s right!

Because Trump may not “watch” the stock market:

But that doesn’t mean that we can’t!

And it is the sight to see:

Another record high, just today!

Along with happily sedated “market participants”:

For now.

Otherwise smart people think that yields are on the rise:


Other people are getting all excited about newfound strength in the US Dollar Index:

And I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not exactly sure what dollar they’re looking at?

Bottom line as we find ourselves here this beautiful Friday in late August?

Deep State Globalists couldn’t just say, “give up all of your Liberty”.

They also couldn’t just say, “give up all of your Freedom too”.

So they laid the bait by saying, “this is no big deal at all”.

Smart people applied logic, science & common sense.

To understand it has the potential to be just HUGE.

And that’s what got the sheeple really spooked.

Then the Deep State Globalists flip-flopped.

Covid’s the very biggest deal of all time.

The MSM Propagandists pounced.

And silenced the smart people.

So, is it a big deal now?

Well, if they’ve lied.

How can it be?

All the time.

They lie.



Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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U.S. Army Iraq War Combat Veteran Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart has an AS in Information Systems and Security from Western Technical College and a BA in Spanish from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Paul dived into gold & silver in 2009 as a natural progression from the prepper community. He is self-studied in the field of economics, a former amateur trader, and a Silver Bug at heart.

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