How Can You Have Any Pudding If You Can’t Afford Your Meat? (Or, HOT! Official Inflation Up HUGE From Last Year!!)

With the price of steak up about 7% from just last month, it might be a good time to learn how to grill the perfect cube steak…

(by Half Dollar) Or mushroom burger.

Like, as in, just a huge round mushroom cap as the burger.

Well, on second thought, maybe not.

Mushrooms are delicate and we’ve still got that whole logistics nightmare thingy going on, so It’s probably even more expensive to go the wannabe Health Freak route.

Side Note: There are no Vegetarians, Vegans, or Whatever They’re Called in the face of hunger.

Side Note to the Side Note: Yes, I am qualified to say that, for I did run a soup kitchen for several years, and I also started a real grassroots food pantry, not one of those fascist ones.

Of course, my favorite non-meat option is a nopal burger, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

It’s not so much that nopal burgers would probably be just as expensive or even more expensive than those jumbo mushroom burgers, but because the dang nopal has prickly thorns all over it, and I’m pretty sure the Brainwashed Masses, the Walmart Zombies and the Sheeple would cook it up and eat it just the same.


Anyway, today, the Ministry of Plenty Bureau of Labor Statistics released its most recent inflation report, the Consumer Price Index, for June of 2021.

And if you believe the report, which I do not believe, it was a whopper!

Of course, anybody who eats food, and especially anybody who eats meat, already knows this.

As for me, I have the good fortune of being able to enjoy a steak from time to time, and since I’m not a cheap guy, let me tell you that I surely know it!

When I’m eating fine steak, I usually go big, so I go for the sirloin.

You know, the real nice cut of red meat.

I mean, life’s too short to not splurge on a few indulgences.

And if the steak I’m eating is for an extra special occasion, heck, I’d even bump it up to USDA Choice sirloin, and that’s like, certified or something, but whatever it is that gives the package that fancy sticker, I know those steaks will be extra juicy and super tender.

But I digress.

The other day, I was purchasing one of my go-to favorites, the “stew beef”, and I absolutely love that cut of meat because nobody knows how to cook it, but if you can wait forever, and I can out wait just about anybody, or any meat, then stew beef can be really delicious, tender, and juicy, in a “steak tips” kind of way, which works great for tacos or something, but when I saw that the new sale price of the stew beef was even more expensive than the old sale price of the top-of-the-line black something-or-other ribeye steak, the Coca-Cola I was sipping through a striped plastic bendy straw sprayed out of my nose, which was immediately followed by one of those always unexpected sneeze-farts, and then my head nearly exploded.

Good thing I was standing over the grocery store’s open-air, waist-high “reduced meat” frozen food bin to immediately begin cooling me off because I also fainted forward and into the bin, getting knocked-out by bumping my forehead on a rock-hard package of pork chitterlings.

Or at least that’s what they told me.

Yet as my luck would have it, perhaps sensing that even the stinkin’ chitlins cost about double of what they cost last year, my wallet went into emergency auto-shutdown mode, and it’s a good thing too because that nuclear disaster could have spiraled out of control way faster than you can say, “just get some dang Steak-umms and be done with it already!”.

But there I go again with the you know what.


Why in the heck is food on my mind so much lately?

Is it because of, oh, I don’t know, only the pesky little disturbing fact that the Global Hunger Pangs have begun, and right now, worsening by the hour, people are rioting from Cuba to Lebanon to South Africa to Venezuela, and this is news that’s being spun by the MSM Propagandists as a protest about this, or a grievance about that, but really, what is happening around the world is much more basic than that, much more primitive than that, and much more “holy crap, I haven’t eaten in three days” than that, so I’m looking around at food prices going up and then going up some more, and I’m thinking, “what in the heck happens in the United States when the hunger pangs kick in”?


Probably nothing.

Regardless, if you trust the integrity of the data, which I do not trust, according to the BLS, here’s the month-over-month increase:

Ahh, a gentle uptrend.

How cute.

And transitory.

The year-over-year graph, however, is the real “shocker”:

Not because the supposed year-over-year change is almost 5.5%, but because of how many people accept these government reports as legitimate.

They’re not.

They are artificial fabrications used to construct a corrupt, evil agenda which is used mostly against Elderly American Savers and America’s Youth.

Of course, people who do not understand that “war is racket” will never get it, and since that includes nearly all of the Fed & Federal Governments’ Analysts, Apologists, Armchair Quarterbacks, Cheerleaders, Enablers, Experts, Gurus, Pundits, Sympathizers and Worse, and since that most definitely includes all of those same Shills who are given a soap box or put in charge of some kind of echo chamber, those Vile Sleazeballs are unintentionally spoonfeeding the Beast at best, or actively destroying America at worse.

But Joe Deplorable gets it.


Or literally.

Or whatver.

And businesses get it.

For example, over at the best online gold & silver bullion dealer’s website, in my Midweek Market Report last week, I said this about food price inflation in regards to a trip to Cedar Point Amusement Park over the Fourth of July weekend (bold added for emphasis):

Or maybe you want to get some beef-n-broccoli at the on-site Panda Express? Too bad! There is plenty of orange chicken though, and I know, because my daughter had Chinese first, and then my son had Chinese a few hours later, yet neither time did they have any beef. Panda Express also didn’t have any shrimp for that matter. I had a lot of sneaky suspicions during our latest trip to the amusement park, and one of them was that since the chicken, beef and shrimp entrees all cost the same ($14.95), they’re simply not offering the beef or the shrimp because it is so much more expensive when compared to the chicken, which is really more breading than actual chicken.

The bottom line is the “where’s the beef?” campaign is about to make a sudden comeback, only, not in a good way, and it won’t really be all that funny.

Gold & silver shrugged at the latest inflation data:

Of course they did…