HOOOLD: There’s No SD Outlook Today But Here’s Two Important Videos You Won’t Want To Miss

Here’s a 7 minute video about getting bread during a modern day hyperinflation (Spoiler Alert: no Bitcoin involved), plus a bonus video…

Editor’s Note: I’ll be out with the regular SD Midweek Update on Wednesday, which for all intents and purposes will be a combination of an outlook and an update.


I’d wish everybody a “Happy Memorial Day” but there’s nothing happy about it.

May those who have fallen be in the presence of God, may those who are fighting be protected by God, and may God help those of us who’ve come out on the other side but there’s something that’s not quite right.

That said, Michael Rivero says that “All Wars Are Bankers Wars”.

So the bonus video “All Wars Are Bankers Wars”┬áis first since its fitting for the day as we reflect on the fallen:

Yippie! Dessert before dinner!

And if you’re ever wondering which way to spell “desert” and “dessert”, just think of which you would rather have seconds of (“ss”).

And now for the reminder of what happens in a hyperinflation.

This is from the recent Zimbabwe Hyperinflation called “Gold for Bread“:

I get it – “but Half Dollar, Bitcoin wasn’t making the rounds back then”.



We’ve covered this already.

You see, people in Venezuela right now aren’t risking their lives and wading through toxic rivers looking for discarded flash drives that might have some Bitcoin stored on them.


But they are looking for rings, bracelets, and any scrap precious metal they can get their hands on.

Because that’s what happens in a hyperinflation.

People demand something real.

Stack accordingly…

– Half Dollar


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