HISTORIC Housing CRASH! – MASS Evictions! – What You Need To Know!

Once the moratoriums end, 28 million people will become homeless…

by Josh Sigurdson with Tim Picciott via World Alternative Media

Josh Sigurdson talks with Tim Picciott, The Liberty Advisor about the record breaking mortgage delinquencies hitting decade highs as people defer on their mortgages and moratoriums save people from rents they can’t pay‚Ķ Temporarily.

Once the moratoriums end, 28 million people (or 9 out of 100 people) will become homeless. The banks will likely take the homes and then the government will buy up all the homes and do a relief program. The government will come in as the solution to the very issue they created in the first place.

Meanwhile in Miami, the housing bubble has met its match as 30 months of unsold condos sit vacant.

We have been warning of this inevitable scenario for years here at WAM and we now have the catalyst for this collapse.

Tim breaks down what you need to know about this cratering market and how it affects the average person.

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