“Hillary Paid Me to Commit Voter Fraud & Create Violence” Scott Foval Flips, Rats Out Clinton Campaign & DNC

*11/10 Update: Twitter has just SUSPENDED Scott Foval’s account
Unfortunately for Twitter and the Dems, we created screenshots of Foval’s juciest tweets:

11/10 Update: Scott Foval has touched a nerve.  Twitter has just SUSPENDED the account of the former Hillary Clinton operative who turned and ratted out the crimes and corruption:



In an epic twist of fate, Scott Foval of Project Veritas infamy has flipped on the Clinton Campaign:



Foval also just confirmed our suspicions, that it was the Hillary Clinton Campaign that torched a black church last week and graffitied Trump on the side:



For context, here is the original Project Veritas undercover video which got Scott Foval fired:


We’re still working through all of Foval’s tweets, but let’s suffice to say, the dude is on a mission to take down his former employer: