Hey Landlords: (STILL) NO RENTAL INCOME FOR YOU! Eviction Moratorium Extended By CDC Chief Fearmonger

Now we know why she distracted us with her b-rate hollywood coached “I’m scared” moment…

(by Half Dollar) This new CDC Director is pure evil.


And to think, there was a time in my life when I was brainwashed by the CDC, and the NIH, and I even worked on the CDC’s National HIV & STD Hotline as well as the NIH’s National Vaccine Information Hotline.

The days of any US Federal Government department or any US Federal Government agency having one single shred of interest in or care about the public’s health, however, are long gone.

Yesterday, the CDC Director went full Fearmonger:

Here’s the thing: Whenever a public “servant” or “elected” politician is talking, he, she or it is being dishonest or outright lying, and as such, the exact opposite of what he, she or it is saying is true, so therefore, when the CDC’s “Director”, the one single person who is supposed to get us through this “pandemic”, says she’s “scared”, which, by the way, is such a great quality to have in a leader, what that really means is she, her very bestest friends forever, and members of her family are vacationing all over the world, sipping on margaritas as they lounge on mostly vacant beaches that you or I can’t go to.

And they dang sure don’t have to take any stupid coronavirus tests before or after going anywhere or doing anything, much less do they have to subject themselves to that you-know-what!

But I digress.

No wonder the CDC Director came out “scared” on Monday.

Because on Sunday, she signed the new eviction moratorium “order”, which, by the way, is now 17 pages long.

Hey landlords: No rent for you!

Of course, I didn’t and in all likelihood won’t read the entire order, so please excuse me in advance if I’m lacking in the finer details as to exactly which tenants can’t be evicted or which landlords will get screwed.

If you can stomach it, here’s the budding micromanagement of every single thing order.

So to recap: That’s one year rent-free and counting.


I guess there really is no price inflation in the economy if you simply don’t pay for what you need or want?

(Fascist totalitarianism) developing…


Half Dollar’s Side Note: How do you get the Brainwashed Masses, the Karens and the Walmart Zombies, but not the Sheeple, because they’re oblivious and will never get it anyway, to think that everybody wants the hottest thing going since a tokenized piece of digital artwork created by a humanoid robot was sold at auction?

Why, with some good old-fashioned reverse psychology, of course:

Typical b-rate hollywood script.