Here’s Why President Trump Will Re-Appoint Yellen As Fed Chair

It’s all fundamental. President Trump loves fundamentals, but the reasons why he will choose Janet Yellen are many…

First, some perspective:

In case anybody missed it on September 26th, 2016:

But just yesterday and today:

Of course, the point is moot. Main Street understands what the shaft is, and Main Street understands the only thing we’ve gotten for the last several years is just that.

However, here’s the “odds” as of just this evening:

But here’s a few reasons why President Trump is likely to chose Yellen.

First, Yellen is established.

There is no “vetting” process. She is already the Fed Chair, and since no politician has the guts to call out the Fed or Yellen for the corrupt, US monetary destroying parasite they are, there is no tactical reserve required to expend.

This point is not to be understated. What has the President accomplished this year? Bueller? Bueller?

That’s right. Nothing.

There have been no tax cuts, no Obamacare repeal, not infrastructure spend, no wall, no draining of the swamp, and no nothing that Candidate Trump campaigned on.

If he is going to produce anything is his first calendar year, beyond this:

He’s going to need political capital. A savings account if you will. There is no need go through the grinder when the beef is already ground.

Right now, Yellen is a savings account that’s already there.

And time is of the essence.

That’s what the real estate junkies like to push. “Better make it happen today because it may not be available tomorrow”.

President Trump, supposedly, is set to announce his choice for Fed Chair before departing for China. That departure is next week. He’d better get to announcing.

Is President Trump really going to announce some super-provocative name for Fed Chair as he’s tending to U.S. business abroad?

I don’t think so.

The last thing he wants is a bunch of global embarrassment just as XI has essentially been named “Emperor” of China.

Secondly, to Trump, who likes to gamble, the “Yellen Card” is like a wild card.

He would love to have a wild card up his sleeve.

You see, President Trump now owns this bubble. His Tweets are relentless on what is, in fact, the same exact bubble:

What is he going to do when this bubble inevitably pops?

Are we really to assume that a bubble can be blown forever?

Well, he has Yellen for the bubble popping honors.

He can blame it on her, as she was of his creation re-nominated Fed Chair, who, regardless, earned President Trump’s “Trust”.

In other words, he can tell her: “You’re Fired!”.

But before doing that, he may find that she is much more valuable to him as a regular Trump employee.

You see, Yellen has that “Grandma” appeal. Who is going to tear her a new one?

If there are two groups that are “vulnerable”, it’s children and grandmas.

Put a Bernanke-esque person in the running for Fed Chair, and he wouldn’t make it out of a closed-room discussion alive.

But Yellen? She’s the Fed Almighty. Who would call out Yellen, such a polite, well spoken, wise elder in charge of the Fed.

Besides, President Trump doesn’t want to look like he’s sexist or an age-discriminator now would he?

So Yellen provides President Trump with options.

And since not one currently elected federal politician is calling Yellen out for the utter destruction of the US dollar and the middle class, Trump knows that corrupt Washington has to shut-up and take it.

– Half Dollar

Stack accordingly…