Here Comes The Internet Crackdown And A MASSIVE NEW Military Command

Big changes have just been announced by President Trump

Unified Commands are major US Department of Defense areas of responsibility throughout the world.

For example, CENTCOM is the is the United States military commands operations in the Middle East. Orders sent down to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria come from CENTCOM (United States Central Command).

President Trump just released a statement (and a tweet) elevating cyber-security efforts by the United States to that of United States Cyber Command, right alongside the other US military combatant commanders in the Unified Command Plans.

Here is the Tweet:

And full text of the statement (bold for emphasis):

I have directed that United States Cyber Command be elevated to the status of a Unified Combatant Command focused on cyberspace operations.

This new Unified Combatant Command will strengthen our cyberspace operations and create more opportunities to improve our Nation’s defense.  The elevation of United States Cyber Command demonstrates our increased resolve against cyberspace threats and will help reassure our allies and partners and deter our adversaries.

United States Cyber Command’s elevation will also help streamline command and control of time-sensitive cyberspace operations by consolidating them under a single commander with authorities commensurate with the importance of such operations.  Elevation will also ensure that critical cyberspace operations are adequately funded.

In connection with this elevation, the Secretary of Defense is examining the possibility of separating United States Cyber Command from the National Security Agency.  He will announce recommendations on this matter at a later date.

Through United States Cyber Command, we will tackle our cyberspace challenges in coordination with like-minded allies and partners as we strive to respond rapidly to evolving cyberspace security threats and opportunities globally.