Healthcare Nationalization: VA To Deploy Doctors, Staff Around US In Federal Coronavirus Response

The VA has a 4th mission: “Support the Federal Government in times of natural disasters & pandemics”. That’s not the only healthcare nationalization news today…

(Silver Doctors Editors) The unofficial nationalization of healthcare continues.

It sure does appear the healthcare system in the United States is in the process of collapsing, and that what comes after the collapse, if the US survives, is a totally nationalized healthcare system.

If the US doesn’t survive?

Healthcare will come back from the bottom-up, which might happen anyway even if the United States lasts as a nation when the dust settles.

Regardless, some interesting developments in healthcare have been happening all week, developments which are incremental steps in the nationalization of healthcare.

Veterans take special note: With today’s update from the VA Secretary, it is clear that service at the VA will decrease for veterans in general as the VA expands its mission to respond to the coronavirus pandemic.

On Sunday, March 15th, we discussed how the US Public Health Service, and the Medical Corps specifically, was pretty much taking over coronavirus testing by deploying officers nationwide.

Just yesterday, there was discussion of the large scale erection of military tent hospitals:

Unrelated to “M.A.S.H”. per se, we’ve seen some tents going up already outside of major hospitals:

Fast forward to today, and at least two healthcare nationalization milestones are in the process of being crossed.

  1. The President is deploying two large ships, one to each coast, to help with coronavirus overflow.
  2. The VA is ready to deploy doctors, nurses and others in its 400,000 body strong department as soon as the President gives the order.

Those were just a couple of the many healthcare related things discussed in today’s Coronavirus Task Force press briefing.

Here’s today’s press briefing in its entirety (though started when Veterans Affair’s Secretary Robert Wilkie gave his update):