Harvard Trained Economist: Trump Wins By Catering To Wrestling Fans, The Angriest Americans

Harry Dent says President Trump is sowing the seeds of a real revolution, one which could end up splitting the US into two nations. Here’s why…

by Harry Dent of Economy & Markets

My father told me a secret about political strategy when I was young. It’s a secret Donald Trump used to win the Presidency.

People think that the average person drives elections.

But it’s not.

It’s the All-Star Wrestling fans.

And that’s exactly who Donald targeted during his campaign – the most dissatisfied, angry citizens in the country.

People would call Donald a disruptor, but I’d change that definition a bit, and in today’s video I’ll explain to what, and why…

Here’s the thing: as much as I dislike the man… I like what he’s doing! He’s breaking down the system. He’s elevating the angry people.

This is the seeds of revolution.

A revolution in everything!

Watch now to hear the details.

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