Harry Dent: Now Just Weeks Away From An 80% Stock Market Crash

A Harvard trained economist just issued a warning. Here’s the details…

Interesting email worth sharing, because rarely do we get time and amount in a forecast. Many analysts and traders offer time or amount in forecasts, sometimes, but Harry Dent (of Economy & Markets) has a new forecast that incorporates both.

In fact: Time (weeks away) and amount (Dow 5500) are something that Harry has done over the years with his cycles work.

We recently highlighted some of Harry’s latest work with sun spots. Seriously.

Harry has also recently made the claim (as he has for years now) that gold is on the way to $700

Subscribers just got a warning from in their inboxes from Harry Dent: Warning: 80% stock crash just weeks away

Virtually NO ONE sees it coming, but make no mistake…

An 80%-plus crash in the U.S. stock market could begin in a matter of MONTHS … if not WEEKS!

Here’s the Dow in a classic “megaphone” pattern, with the last three bubbles making new highs, only to be followed by lower lows.

Which means the next “lower low” should be around 5,500… BELOW the post-crash low of 6,470 in March of 2009!

And if it returns to its bubble origin of 3,800 in late 1994, which is the most likely scenario…

It would mean an 83% loss.

We’re talking blood in the streets! But it doesn’t have to be YOUR blood.

Here’s Harry just yesterday being interviewed by Alex Jones (who claims he’s not being paid by Harry to promote his book):

Editor’s Note: We wouldn’t go about selling that stack just yet. Harry used to say $400 gold. Now he’s saying $700 gold. If next year he’s saying gold will crash to $1,000, then it’s probably safe to say that gold will be $300 higher than where it is today.
Stack accordingly…


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