Harley Schlanger: Who Is Behind the Nuclear Terror ‘Mistake’ in Hawaii?

“Investigations are proceeding, but the report that it was simply a mistake — someone pushing a button by accident — is hardly credible…”

via Harley Schlanger of LaRouche Pac

The drive to destroy President Trump has reached a fever pitch. Virtually the entire Western media, and much of the political leadership, who have ranted against Russia and against Trump’s imagined “collusion” with Putin, are now aware that the “Russiagate” operation, set in motion by British MI6 operative Christopher Steele, is collapsing — and, in fact, they themselves now face exposure and possible criminal prosecution for their own crimes, including treason. Desperate to stop Trump’s effort to restore good relations with Russia and China, and to save themselves from such criminal prosecution, they have unleashed a campaign to portray Trump as a deranged madman and a racist.

In the midst of this, the state of Hawaii, and by extension the entire country, was driven into a state of absolute terror Sunday morning when the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency sent out an “Emergency Alert” to every cell phone in the state, reading: “BALLISTIC MISSILE THREAT INBOUND TO HAWAII. SEEK IMMEDIATE SHELTER. THIS IS NOT A DRILL.”

Within three minutes the warning was determined by military officials to be totally false, but for the next 38 minutes the vast majority of the residents and tourists in Hawaii were not informed of that fact, and were subjected to the horror of believing they and their families were about to die. People were calling loved ones to send a last message that they loved them. Cars were abandoned on the highways, as people ran for shelter, but knowing that there was nowhere to hide.

Investigations are proceeding, but the report that it was simply a mistake — someone pushing a button by accident — is hardly credible. It must be noted that the U.S. media have barely covered the major breakthrough in relations between North and South Korea, or that South Korean President Moon Jae-in publicly thanked President Trump for his role in bringing about the negotiations by implementing both tough sanctions and simultaneous diplomatic measures. Instead, the media and most political leaders have ignored that reality, while escalating the fear-mongering and the warnings of a preemptive war as almost inevitable.

The next issue of the EIR weekly magazine will carry an article titled: “Trump Versus Durbin: Who Is the Real Hypocrite Fostering Institutional Racism? Why Is This Happening Now?” It shows that the campaign to paint Trump as a racist, led by the Democratic Senator from Illinois Dick Durbin, is coming from precisely those who have turned much of Central America and the Caribbean into drug-infested and economically destroyed hell-holes, through their imposition of “free trade” pacts and the legalization of drugs, leaving these nations at the mercy of the banks and the drug gangs. They have done nothing to reverse the economic destruction of Africa, which only now, through China’s New Silk Road process, is beginning to come out from under the hell of colonialism and post-colonial looting. Who are they to call anyone racist?

The direct connection of this filthy campaign against Trump to the Russiagate scam was exposed most clearly by notorious race-baiter and Obama operative Rev. Al Sharpton, who ranted on CNN on Saturday night that the “real proof that Trump is a racist” is that he “never has anything bad to say about Vladimir Putin, our sworn enemy.”

This new defamation approach to destroying Trump will also backfire, as did the British “Russiagate” fraud — if the Trump Adminstration proceeds with its stated commitment to launch a massive infrastructure program, to reverse the de-industrialization of the United States over the past decades, and joins in the New Silk Road process of building nations across the globe. As Lyndon LaRouche has always insisted, there is no solution to the racial tensions that persist in the U.S., nor to the tensions over immigration, outside of full-scale development and industrialization of our nation, and also all other nations, providing jobs and hope to all people. This is precisely what has been set in motion by the New Silk Road, first proposed by LaRouche in the 1990s, and now taken up with gusto by the Chinese, who are calling on the U.S. to fully join in the effort. China has lifted 700 million citizens out of poverty, and plans to end poverty altogether by 2020. Europe and America can certainly do the same, if we relegate geopolitics to the dustbin of history, join the New Silk Road, and restore the American System as presented in LaRouche’s Four Laws.