Abolishing The Private Central Bank (Fed) Is Challenging And Those Who’ve Tried We’re Stopped

Harley Schlanger says its no coincidence Hamilton, Lincoln and Kennedy were all assassinated. Here’s just how difficult it will be to remove the Fed…

Harley Schlanger  interviewed on the X22 Report Spotlight

Harley Schlanger joins the X22 Report Spotlight for one hard-hitting interview.

From the latest in the Deep State’s efforts to remove President Trump, to the latest in geo-politics around the world, this interview goes where the mainstream media wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole.

But the political and geo-political current events are only one part of this interview.

There is also a very powerful discussion on the difficulties that politicians are faced with when attempting to remove the private central banks from power.

To get up to speed on the latest political, geo-political and economic news, tune in to the interview in its entirety below: