Harley Schlanger: Here’s Proof There Are Agents Of The Other Side Within The Trump Administration

Harley breaks-down the good and the bad within the Trump Administration, including the tell-tale signs that there’s infiltrated Deep Staters…

Harley Schlanger interviewed on Rogue Money

So much has been going on with the Trump Administration that it can sometimes be hard to keep track of it all.

Harley Schlanger can break it down like few can when it comes to the political tensions of the day, which in this interview include topics such as:

  • Trump surrounded by Wall Street establishment Swamp Creatures
  • Trump’s National Security Adviser John Bolton
  • Possible economic successes and pitfalls in moving forward with or without cooperation with the Chinese

For those topics and more, in a way that only Harley can break-down, tune in to the interview in its entirety below: