Harley Schlanger: CNN & The Washington Post Will Go Nuts When The FISA Memo Is Released

Harley Schlanger gives an update on the latest political developments during this countdown to the FISA Memo release…

Harley Schlanger interviewed by Rogue Money

In this latest interview, all of the major economic, political and geo-political issues are discussed. There is special attention to what is happening in the United States as well as recent developments in Asia.

There is also special attention in this given to the FISA Memo. Harley says “get some earplugs” because it’s about to get loud and crazy when the memo is released tomorrow.

Other topics in this interview include:

  • President Trump’s State of the Union Address
  • Deep State actions against Trump including the second Trump Dossier
  • Progress made in Syria
  • The New Silk Road (China’s Belt and Road Initiative)
  • The U.S. economy
  • The unsustainable debt crushing both government and corporations
  • The U.S. dollar decline
  • The FISA Memo

Tune in to the entire interview below: