Happy New Year: 2018 Is A Throwback To 1984 Only Much Darker Than Orwell Ever Imgined

Smart cars, smart speakers, AI thought police, and drones are just a few dystopian surveillance systems ringing in the new year. Here’s the details…

Robert Ellis Smith interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

The largest social media mogul just announced they are USING AI to SCAN YOUR THOUGHTS without any right to opt out! Is airport screening of not only for your baggage but also your mind coming next?

Robert Ellis Smith, founder of the longest-tenured journal on privacy in the word, The Privacy Journal, returns to Reluctant Preppers to weigh in on current progress, new threats, and future trends, including:

THE WIRED CAR – Is there a new “right” of Law Enforcement to SEARCH YOUR HISTORY AND ACTIONS through your car’s computers?

DRONES – Currently, it’s legal for anyone to monitor you by drone without your permission or even notification.. What kind of protections do we need?

“SMART SPEAKERS” – Listening Devices in Your Home: Are they Humble Servants, or Trojan Horses? Since they are ALWAYS LISTENING and hackable, WHO IS LISTENING ON THE OTHER END?

SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS: one of the LYNCHPINS of PRIVACY. IRS: W2s now accepted with only the last 4 digits. Progress: Medicare will re-issue cards without SSN#s

European Union (EU) General Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) about to hit the US in May 2018: American companies MUST COMPLY – How will this affect you?

ET NEUTRALITY Repealed! Fed Trade Commission (FTC) is now under the Trump administration, and we are in the hands of non-regulators. Will free-market policies provide adequate protection of your sensitive information? Will Internet Service Providers (ISPs) be granted an extension of immunity from failures to protect your privacy?

How you can PROTECT YOURSELF from all these intrusions into your privacy?