Hacks, Microchip Shortages, And Rotten Infrastructure, Yet AMD Announces A $4 Billion Share Buyback Scheme…?!? (Or, Starve The Beast To End This Madness)

US Presidents have signed many executive orders concerning many of these issues, including Trump and now Biden, but when the modus operandi of America is corrupt fascism…

(by Half Dollar) Recall that near the end of February, Biden signed the Executive Order on America’s Supply Chains.

It has been a big deal, you know, so much so, that in 2019, before the whole Zombie Apocalypse thingy even began, Trump declared an IT “National Emergency”, and Biden even extended that expiring National Emergency Declaration for another year, until May, 2022:

Not that the declaration won’t get extended again and again, however.

Additionally, conveniently, just after the Colonial Pipeline “hack” last week, Biden signed the 8000+ word Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity.

These are just three examples of recent presidential “actions”, which amount to little more than the US Federal government takeover of every single thing, and there are plenty more actions just like these.

Many, many more.

Of course, our “elected” “leaders” and public “servants”, with their shamtastic jobs, their posh benefits and their cushy retirements, are the people most likely to be recipients of big tech, corporate campaign contributions and donations, including from AMD’s very own political action committee itself, as if our leaders were actually “elected” and not selected, and said card-carrying members of The Party, both the “leaders” and the “servants”, are also the people most likely to be “shareholders”, so from just this week:

So, instead of investing in research & development, or infrastructure, or plant and equipment, or whatever, something that might be useful in a sector such as, oh, I don’t know, say, a sector like “technology”, we get a share buyback scheme?

Seems legit.

If not evil, something that our entire financial system has become, which is something Paul Craig Roberts and I discussed on Tuesday (video will auto-play at correct timestamp):

Indeed, The Great Looting and Plundering of America continues.

And nobody gives a crap, much less will anybody do their part to end this madness.

Dang shame…