Groundhog Day: Welcome To This Week, Just The Same As Last Week

Trump is still “fighting” the election, a miracle vaccine is super-duper miraculous, and gold & silver get taken behind the woodshed early morning, again…

(by Half Dollar) Happy Groundhog Day!

When did they change the date?


Doesn’t matter.

HFT algorithm crack dealer Bloomberg leads off with the apparently good news:

It’s highly effective, and it’s a game changer!

The question is, will it be enough to send the Dow above 30,000:

Just kidding.

There is no question, for it’s all a matter of the market riggers plans.

The apologists, armchair quarterbacks, enablers, experts, pundits, shills and sympathizers say inflation is only in the “essentials” and not in “discretionary”:

Of course, when I saw this prominent display of wrapping paper at my local Target for five dang bucks for one stinkin’ tiny roll, I had to snap a picture because, well, people who say there is no inflation are exactly what I said they are.

And to the haters out there saying “shelves aren’t bare” or “I’m a fear monger”, well, it’s getting hard to capture just how bare the shelves are in one sneaky attempt to take a picture in my local Target:

What you are not seeing completely are three sections like this in just one area of the store, and all three sections are pretty much totally bare on all four sides, plus what was behind me on the back wall, which was also totally bare.

And no, they’re not getting ready to set up their seasonal holiday merchandise where I snapped that pic, for the seasonal merchandise is in another area of the store and barely stocked as well.

OK, “Hey Half Dollar, you seem out of it this Monday morning, is everything okay?”.

Thanks for asking, and in a Groundhog Day kind of way, I suppose everything is okay, but in all actuality, I really just can’t wait for some closure to all of this because it’s getting harder and harder to stomach the sheeple’s lust for the Deep State Globalist in Patriot’s Clothing.

That said, Trump’s script still has him “contesting” the “rigged election”, and who knows for how long this goes on, but hopefully for not much longer.

Here’s the question: Why would Trump not concede?

I mean, Team Trump is chock full of Deep State Globalist swamp creatures, even those who are supposedly “fighting” for him, such as Deep State Globalist Cover-Upper pseudo-Extraordinaire Rudy Giuliani, and if the Deep State Globalists have duped the sheeple on the murder of that one President back in the early 60s, the m00n 1anding, that dreadful day in NYC nearly 20 years ago, and myriad false flags, hoaxes, and false flag hoaxes, why would the sheeple not eventually swallow the 2020 election too?

Copper could be breaking out here:

Do “market participants” really not realize it’s not just a “second wave” of coronavirus but a second wave of lockdowns too?

Forty bucks looks like it’s becoming a price floor in crude oil:

Of course, there will indeed come a point in time where money printing trumps available above ground storage, and we might be at that point right now.

The sheeple have gone back to grazing, however:

All things considered, “market participants” are really not concerned about anything right now, but, of course, making that statement assumes the markets are not rigged, something which I do not assume.

Interest rates will indeed rise:

Only, that’s after the bond market crisis, and not only are we not there yet, but where we would normally say “there’s a lot of real estate between 1.0% and 0.0%”, with the advent of negative nominal interest rates, there is infinite real estate!

Of course, it comes at a cost to the US Dollar:

And since they’re Deep State Globalists, they’re just fine with that.

In other currency news, the Bank of Mexico just put its new 100 peso note into circulation:

There is an inverse correlation between beauty and value, you know, and if I do say so myself, with the trendy vertical printing, I’m kind of liking the Venezuelan flair!

Palladium is back in its sideways choppy channel

Alternatively, we just put in that all important first higher-low!

I like the alternative assessment, especially when looking at platinum:

Any day now.

Although I did say that for now, it’s Groundhog Day:

With the key words being “for now”.

Gold got hit in the early morning hours:

Although I really don’t think we have much downside from here.

Disregarding the brief runs to nearly $2100, we’re bouncing to either side of previous all time record highs, and there has been a whole heck of a lot of inflation since 2011, hasn’t there?

If you agree, then silver has a long, long way to go:

And I really don’t think it takes that long to get there.

Thanks for something,

Paul “Half Dollar” Eberhart