Gregory Mannarino: Why I Don’t Care Where Stocks Are Headed

Gregory says that regardless of here the market is headed, we must be aware of the mega forces at play behind these manipulated markets. Here’s more…

Gregory Mannarino interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

With increased volatility roiling the stock and bond markets most of this year, are we witnessing the pre-collapse beginning of “the Big One,” or just the next chapter in the saga of our unnatural markets?

Widely followed trading coach Gregory Mannarino, the “Robin Hood of Wall Street,” ​returns to Reluctant Preppers to explain why asking where stocks are headed may be the wrong question, if what we really want to know is how to take care of our family’s financial well-being. Mannarino declares that regardless of market direction, we must be aware of the mega-forces at play behind these managed markets, and how to take advantage of that awareness to prepare for whatever may come.

Mannarino also fields several of YOUR viewer questions, so don’t miss this entertaining and informative interview