Gregory Mannarino Warns Of Epic Shift And Says ‘Stackers You Know What To Do”

Mannarino says the markets are now signaling an epic shift after being manipulated for so long. Here’s what Gregory says is coming…

Gregory Mannarino interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

There is NO FREE MARKET behind any asset class – except one! Greg Mannarino, former Bear Sterns equity trader and founder of, returns to Reluctant Preppers to reveal what specific leading indicator now foretells an epic money flow shift in the largest market in the world.

Mannarino spells out why Physical Gold & Silver as hard assets are the “Anti-Debt,” and why NOW is a critical juncture as the IMF announces 9-major banks are in trouble.

If the next crisis will eclipse the 2008 collapse, with no recovery: the system dies. Greg explains how to take trading profits and rebalance to stack hard assets.