Gregory Mannarino: SHOCKING CAPITAL CONTROLS Coming To US Banks August 1st, 2018

Gregory discusses how currency that we all have in our bank accounts has been put on notice, but that’s not the worst part. Here’s the details…

Gregory Mannarino interviewed on Reluctant Preppers

Renowned stock trading coach Gregory Mannarino, known as “The Robin Hood of Wall Street,” answers YOUR QUESTIONS in this fast-paced and wide-ranging interview. The expose starts with this week’s sobering printed notification from one of the largest US online banks to all account holders that they will be subject to a clamp-down on access to their funds starting Aug 1, 2018.

Mannarino tackles numerous questions submitted by viewers, including:
– When and how will the financial reset will start & unfold?
– How widespread the wreckage will be?
– Will the government impose price controls on silver as a strategic resource after the collapse?
– What we can do to refuse to become victims and instead protect what is rightly ours?