Gregory Mannarino Makes His 2018 Predictions And Sums Them Up With One Word

Gregory Mannarino is out with his predictions for 2018. Here’s the run down…

by Gregory Mannarino of Trader’s Choice

Gregory Mannarino takes a brief look at the last trading day of the year, and then he goes on to give his predictions for 2018.

Overwhelmingly, there is going to be one key feature that will dominate the world in the coming year: INFLATION

Included in his analysis is:

  • The US Dollar
  • Price Inflation
  • Money Velocity
  • Bond Market
  • Fed
  • Stock Market
  • National debt and debt-based fiat currency crisis
  • Geo-politics
  • Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
  • Gold and silver

You can listen to Gregory Mannarino’s 2018 predictions in its entirety below: