Mannarino Issues An Alert: They Are KILLING The Dollar Because They CAN’T Have It Both Ways

Gregory Mannarino says “All they’re doing is making the problem monumentally worse every single day”. Here’s the details…

Gregory Mannarino of Trader’s Choice

Gregory Mannarino provides a major situation alert on the markets. Particularly, the bond market.

Gregory says it so obvious what is going on – somebody is buying up bonds [driving interest rates down] because they are trying to keep the stock market propped-up.

The flip side of this, as Greg points out, is that whoever is behind this is now killing the U.S. Dollar. That’s because they are suppressing interest rates, and by doing that, Greg says, they can’t have it both ways by having strength in the dollar too: Greg says if interest rates are coming down by force, then so is the dollar.

Other topics in this must listen situation alert include:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bitcoin
  • Cryptocurrencies

You can tune in to this situation alert in its entirety below: