Gregory Mannarino: Bitcoin Fixation (Especially From Those Who Bought At The Top) IS GETTING STUPID

Gregory Mannarino says the thousands of emails he’s received from panicking investors is now over the top. Here’s an update…

by Gregory Mannarino of Trader’s Choice

Greg starts out with an update on the bond market. Mannarino says that there has been an epic buying of bonds in an effort to push up the stock market.

From there, the analysis shifts to the U.S. dollar and the downward spiral over the last couple of days, which plays into the fact that gold and silver have been on a nice run of late.

From there, the analysis shifts to Bitcoin and Greg’s several thousand emails he has been receiving from worried people who bought at the top.

Finally, Greg talks about a position he has opened recently in Netflix.

All that and more can be seen in its entirety below: