Greg Hunter: Big Things Are Happening And Trump Will Not Wait Until After The Mid-Terms

Greg says says the President is not going to let the Deep State operate unencumbered or get into cheating before the elections. Here’s more…

Greg Hunter gives the Weekly News Wrap-Up for Friday, September 28th, 2018

The circus that was supposed to be a confirmation hearing for Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh ended this week. It could not be more obvious that the Dems are desperate to stop or delay Kavanaugh’s appointment to the highest court in the nation. The one fact that shows the entire thing was an act of desperation was the fact that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford’s own eye witnesses (3) all swore under oath that the alleged sexual assault by Judge Kavanaugh never happened. President Trump has called this a “big fat con job” by a Democrat smear campaign. The charges from two other women are also bogus. Expect Kavanaugh to be confirmed soon.

Former Fed Head Janet Yellen has joined the chorus from Wall Street with, yet another, financial warning. This one concerns the “loan bubble that has run amok.” Other big time Wall Street professionals have also been warning. Gregory Mannarino from says he can’t remember when he has seen so many warnings come out in such a short amount of time from so many high powered financial professionals. Mannarino says the markets are “all fake.” So, watch out!

This all comes out under the backdrop of there being a declared “national emergency” on multiple fronts. President Trump has declared “national emergencies” and, yet, the mainstream media (MSM) ignores them all. The emergencies are spelled out in detail on Is the MSM that stupid? Do White House Correspondents not read the official White House website? Is the MSM hiding something from the public? These are all good questions, but the public remains uninformed and in the dark to the dangers declared by the President.

Join Greg Hunter as he looks at these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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