Greg Hunter: Why Is The Fed In Panic Mode If This Is Supposed To Be Such A Great Economy

The MSM is in full-fledged psy-op mode and the Fed is in a panic. Greg explains…

by Greg Hunter via

DOJ Inspector General (IG) Michael Horowitz sent a letter to Congress telling them the long awaited IG report he’s been working on is nearing completion. Looks like it could be released in November with what he calls “few redactions.” Some are reporting the report is extensive and covers much more than fraud on the FISA court with a phony dossier paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC to get warrants to spy on everything Trump.

The MSM is running a full-fledged psyop on “we the people” and throwing what little journalism they provide out the window in an effort to team up with the Deep State and the Democrats to remove President Trump from office with made up phone charges, polls and hit pieces from anonymous sources.

The Federal Reserve seems to be in panic mode supplying cash to banks to “keep the banking system stable.” The Fed pumped out $134 billion in one day this week. Why? What is wrong in what is supposed to be a great economy?

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