Greg Hunter: They Will Indict Hillary Clinton Before February 1st 2018

Greg says that what’s going on in the nation is “unprecedented”. The ramifications are huge, but the clock is ticking. here’s why…Greg Hunter gives his Weekly News Wrap-Up

Greg Hunter gives his first Weekly News Wrap-Up of 2018, and Greg says that what our nation is going through is “unprecedented”.

Greg is referring to all of the happenings in Washington D.C. in general, and the Executive Order President Trump signed on December 21st Blocking The Property of Persons Involved In Serious Human Rights Abuse or Corruption.

What is this building to?

Greg speculates that there may be military style tribunals coming to the United States, and this could lead to things such as former President Obama being the first former president to serve jail time, and possibly followed by Bill Clinton as well.

For all of the unprecedented developments happening on the national level, hear the wrap up in its entirety below: