Greg Hunter: Mueller Panicked & Desperate To Tie Trump To Russian Collusion (But It Ain’t Working)

A lot of stuff went down this week in regards to Mueller’s phony witch hunt against President Trump, and Greg is here to break-it all down for us…

Greg Hunter gives the Weekly News Wrap-Up for Friday, November 30th, 2018

Trump tweeted out a cartoon with some of the people behind bars that failed in taking him out of office in a soft coup. The cartoon asked “When do the trials for treason begin?” Could a release of the FISA documents laced with outright fraud used to spy on President Trump and prove a phony witch hunt be far away? People will go to jail over this.

Meanwhile, Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller and his team of Democrats seem to be panicked to tie President Trump to the failed Russian collusion case of the 2016 election. Some being prosecuted and questioned claim Mueller’s team are asking them to lie to get a reduced sentence and to finger President Trump. It ain’t working.

The Fed is looking like it’s going to raise interest rates one more time and stop. Wall Street loves this, but is the Fed signaling the economy is starting to get into trouble?

Join Greg Hunter as he gives his take on the top stories of the past week in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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