Greg Hunter: FBI Misses Another Mass Shooter

Greg asks if this is incompetence or “too stupid to be stupid”? Here’s an update after a tumultuous week…

Greg Hunter gives his Weekly News Wrap Up

Looks like the FBI was told about the mass murderer before he went on a rampage that left 17 dead in a Florida high school this week. This isn’t the first time the FBI was tipped off about a mass murder plot and did not stop it.  The shooter that killed 9 in a South Carolina church was allowed by the FBI to buy a gun.  The FBI were tipped off about the Boston Bombers, the Fort Hood Shooter and the Pulse Nightclub mass murderer all well ahead of time.  Is this incompetence or “too stupid to be stupid”??  Should someone be fired?

Looks like the Middle East is heating up again. An Israeli F-16 was shot down, and Israel warned Iran about intruding into its airspace with a drone.  The Iranian drone was also recently shot down.  New threats are coming from both sides.

Are the markets on the mend after the latest sell-off, or are we setting up for an even bigger plunge? Why are 10-Year Treasury rates headed higher?  Are we headed for another credit crisis?  These are all questions Wall Street money managers are contemplating before the next big market moves.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.