Greg Hunter: Impeachment Unconstitutional, MSM In Full On Propaganda For Deep State & Democrats

The whole false story is falling apart a little more every day…

by Greg Hunter via

Nancy Pelosi has changed the rules of impeachment to limit GOP involvement. This, according to legal experts, is unconstitutional. Funny that the rules were also changed for the CIA partisan so-called “whistleblower” to include hearsay just before the charges were made. Trump has released his phone call with the President of Ukraine that proves he did not hold up aid to Ukraine to get an investigation on Joe Biden. The whole false story is falling apart a little more every day, which is why the President is calling it another hoax just like the phony Russia collusion story.

The mainstream media (MSM) is acting like a full on propaganda arm of the Deep State and Democrat party. They are omitting huge pieces of information on a daily basis, which is why the President says the MSM is corrupt and “should be ashamed.” The latest omission, among many, is the most recent Inspector General report from the State Department that has uncovered collusion in Ukraine with the Democrats and the DNC–NOT Donald Trump. The DNC, which Hillary Clinton ran, requested and got dirt on the Trump campaign in 2016. Clinton’s DNC also used Russian sources to create the totally discredited “Trump dossier” that was fraudulently used as a basis for warrants to spy on everything Trump. Once again, there is no collusion between Trump and Ukraine just like there was no Trump/Russia collusion. The real story here is the MSM is, once again, lying to protect the Democrats and Deep State to cover up the crimes they have committed.

There are more and more stories showing how Democrats are wanting to destroy free speech to gain control over America. In New York City, it is now against the law to use the term “illegal alien.” Don’t laugh, in NYC you can get fined up to $250,000 for using this so called “hateful” and “violent” term. In reality, this is just an unconstitutional attempt at controlling speech and also the people.

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