Greatest Economy Ever DEBUNKED! The Coming COLLAPSE…

This is NOT the greatest economy ever…

by Josh Sigurdson with Tim Picciott via World Alternative Media

Tim Picciott of The Liberty Advisor speaks LIVE at TDV Summit in Acapulco, Mexico about his 2020 economic outlook, the notion that we are witnessing the greatest economy ever, coming black swans and more!
It should be mentioned that this was filmed just over a week before the recent stock market correction that shook Wall Street!
Tim is a financial adviser who has made major calls over the past several years, saving his clients a lot of money. He’s unconventional to say the least.
In this video he breaks down some of his strategies, what he sees on the horizon and why he believes this is NOT the greatest economy ever.
This video is of course not meant as advice but simply showcases his opinions for educational purposes only.