Gold Will Spike And Stocks Will Drop Until One Ounce Of Gold Equals One Share Of The Dow

As the stock market drops, the central banks will create a crisis so bad that the people will beg for a solution. That solution has already been decided… 

Brandon Smith interviewed on the X22 Report Spotlight

Brandon is back on the X22 Report Spotlight with an update on the happenings around the various central banks.

Brandon speculates that the stock market turmoil has more to do with the changing of the guard at the Fed than an attack or counter-attack on President Trump.

Brandon says that Powell will deliberately pop the bubble little by little, and that Powell is the perfect guy to bring down the system.

This will culminate in a gold price spiking, as the stock market is declining. Brandon sees parity where one ounce of gold will buy the Dow.

Additional topics in this interview include:

  • Death of the petro-dollar/rise of the petro-yuan
  • Strong dollar Vs. weak dollar
  • World reserve currency and one world currency
  • Government and central bank control of cryptocurrency

Tune in to the entire interview below: