Gold & Silver Shrug At Release Of Another Scorching Red Hot Inflation Report, But There’s A HUGE PROBLEM!

February’s rise in consumer prices was even worse than January’s, but there’s a HUGE PROBLEM!

(by Half Dollar) The Federal government’s main inflation report, called the “Consumer Price Index”, or “CPI” for short, has just been released for the month of February, 2022.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Prices are up 0.8% from last month.
  • Prices are up 7.9% over the last 12 months.


February was even worse than January!

And to think, the party was only just getting started in late February.

In other words, right now, there’s a huge inflation problem, especially in the things we kind of need on a daily basis.

Things like, oh, say, oil, or wheat:

Which is another way of saying, all things considered, perhaps with the exception of a “crash” in commodity prices, March will be even worse than February!

It’s a good thing “food and energy” are excluded to come up with the so-called “core” rate of inflation, isn’t it?

Because over time, the prices of those items are volatile, so we obviously can’t really say that prices are going up:

And before anybody says that ‘Ol Half Dollar is a Cherry Pickin’ Chart Hugger, which I’m not, it should be said that over the last three years, which I’m pretty sure is not even captured in the CPI, because no reasonable person willingly consumes this crap, the property taxes alone on my very humble, upper-lower-middle-income class house (currently valued at around $285,000+/-) have gone up $200 per month.

Per month!

So, um, yeah.

There’s a reason I call it “Economic Misery and Financial Ruin”.

Because the Brainwashed Masses are going to suffer.

The Walmart Zombies are going to turn more aggressive.

And the Sheeple will be spooked and restless.

Fun times.

Fun times indeed.

But I digress.

While February’s price increases may seem like a blur in the Propaganda Smoke Machine of War, which is kind of like the Fog of War, only different, if prices continue to rise like they are rising, no matter what is counted, or adjusted, or estimated, or excluded, or substituted, or whatever, suffice it to say once again that the month of March is going to be even worse.

Now, here’s an example in the real world, not in FantasyLand, as represented by the current market price of The Best Dang Soap In The Entire World:

It should be noted that in late 2020/early 2021, those smart people who actually stacked the conveniently sized, individually wrapped 400-gram bars of 66% fatty acid, which can literally be used for a gazillion different things, including being used as bait in the fishing of tasty catfish, are enjoying a whopping 40% increase in the value of their investments right now.

And where are prices going from here?

For sure, there are plenty of ways that a smart person of any means can navigate the US dollar hyperinflation.

The first thing one must do to be successful, however, is to stop gambling and simply walk out of the Rigged Casino.

Baby steps, baby.

Or something.

Gold & silver shrugged when the report hit the tape: