Gold & Silver Now Acting Like Inflation Hedges: The Fed’s Credibility Is Transitory, Not Inflation

“…gold is now going to go up on bad inflation numbers…”

by Peter Schiff of Peter Schiff Podcast

CPI data heavily contradicts Fed’s transitory inflation narrative.
Reagan was more popular during a recession than Biden is during this “booming” economy.
The government has too much money on the line not to lie about inflation.
Media’s bias taints their inflation reporting.
Federal Reserve can print money, but they can’t print stuff.
Biden’s Build Back Better plan would have even Keynes rolling in his grave.
Biden considers releasing US strategic oil reserves to China.
Consumer sentiment plunges.
Gold price surges.
Fed won’t try to fight inflation because it will reveal their weak position.
Fed’s policy: Speak loudly when you have no stick.
Falling dollar will be the next domino to fall.
Record number of Americans tell their employer to take job and shove it.
Bitcoin whales conning institutions and bribing politicians.