Gold & Silver Fear Trade Surge Imminent? Covid-19 Cases Go “Exponential” In Many Nations, Go Parabolic In South Korea

Here’s a Sunday afternoon round-up of coronavirus and related news…

(Silver Doctors Editors) If you haven’t tuned-in to the news since Friday afternoon, well, the news is not good at all.

The most recent Sunday Morning update at the time of this writing (10:33 a.m. update), from the Johns Hopkins tracker, shows 605 confirmed cases in South Korea:

Something noteworthy is that Italy has 132 confirmed cases and the US is now showing 35 cases.

To give an idea of just how fast this thing can spread, three days ago, on February 20th, appearing in a screenshot for an article about the Diamond Princess, there were 104 cases in South Korea:

Only a few days ago, it was thought that the number of cases was doubling about every 6 days.

It looks like confirmed coronavirus cases are doubling much faster than every 6 days, however, going off of the raw numbers from South Korea.

Curiously, there is still not one single case in Latin America:

Probably just a coincidence.

If it is, then why is that?

If it’s not, then what in the heck is going on?

On Friday’s Silver Doctors Live, we discussed three important points about South Korea specifically:

In addition to coronavirus-related problems at RAM chip manufacturer SK Hynix, which we discussed on Friday’s show, there are reports today that Samsung has shut down a Smartphone factory in South Korea.

From Reuters:

SEOUL (Reuters) – Samsung Electronics (005930.KS) said on Saturday that one coronavirus case had been confirmed at its mobile device factory complex in the southeastern city of Gumi, causing a shutdown of its entire facility there until Monday morning.

We’ll have to see if they re-open on Monday or not.

Chris Martenson’s latest video was recorded at 7:30 a.m.on Saturday, February 22nd, now more than 24 hours ago, and at the time, Chris said “It’s Exponential”:

Some show notes:

Boy this is not good…

Covid-19 cases are leaping higher in disparate countries around the globe — doubling overnight in South Korea, Italy and Iran.

New research continues to clarifying how *extremely* contagious this virus is (as the rash of worldwide infections confirms). It increasingly looks like the only hope countries have of containing covid-19 is to use the draconian mass quarantine efforts that China is enforcing on its populace.

Don’t assume that can’t happen where you live. It may be the only alternative for your government to pursue, which is why preparing now for self-isolation/home quarantine is extremely prudent.

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Yet America, don’t worry about any of that!

For CNN has all the top news stories you need right here:

And Covid-19 ain’t one of ’em!

Bloomberg, on the other hand, has gone full doom-n-gloom:

It’s interesting to see such doom-n-gloom from Bloomberg.

Especially when other MSM outlets are still in full propaganda mode.

For example, from Reuters this Sunday morning (bold added for emphasis):

RIYADH (Reuters) – Finance leaders of the world’s top 20 economies expect economic growth to pick up modestly this year and next thanks to loose monetary policy and an easing of trade tensions, and vowed to monitor the effects of the coronavirus outbreak.

It’s nothing but unicorns and rainbows as far as the eye can see!

If the risk of global pandemic is real, then they will not be able to maintain this narrative for long.

Is the hubris of the MSM getting all gooey-eyed on (the hubris of) the “finance leaders of the world’s top 20 economies” by design?

They do call it “shock-n-awe” for a reason.

Most people will never see it coming.

Do not be surprised if gold & silver gap-up tonight.

Especially silver, with a gold-to-silver ratio currently above 89 using the “last” prices from Friday.