Gold & Silver Face Week Of Intense Narrative Propaganda, End With Jobs Challenge

It will be data overload week, which means…

(by Half Dollar) The MSM Propagandists will be in full force this week in so many ways, and when it comes to the markets and the economy, that propaganda will be an absolute onslaught.

It will be data overload week, which means that in addition to the actual worsening socio-economic collapse of the United States, which also now includes not just a worsening Zombie Apocalypse on the domestic front, but one heck of an optics problem around the globe, both by design, of course, we get to hear all of the analysts, experts, gurus, pundits and worse talking non-stop as if they had a clue.

Indeed, from a gazillion data points on the real estate market to manufacturing to even motor vehicle sales, it’s almost as if we reach some sort of crescendo in the narrative this week.

To recap, depending on one’s favorite brand of brainwashing-propaganda, the current narrative is:

  • The booming economy
  • The slowing economy
  • The economy entering recession

Notice the absense of the “US kickin’ those dang Chinese Commies’ butts” narrative, for that has been usurped recently by the latest geo-political soup du jour.

Regardless, it will be a long, painful week for the free-thinking person, and the momentum builds all week long too, as Friday will conclude with the most important economic data point, ever: The Employment Situation Report for August, 2021.

The market riggers don’t stock market doesn’t care about any narratives or data points:

Right now it’s just disgusting, but pretty soon, in my opinion, people aren’t just going to sit by idly and put up with this crap much longer, and by “crap”, I mean “Economic Misery and Financial Ruin”.


Who am I kidding?

Nobody cares, much less will anybody sacrifice one single penny for the sake of Free Markets and Economic Liberty.

And so I guess we’ll all just devour each other, fighting over every single last scrap.

So be it.

There are no “market participants”:

Those are called “semi-automated call option buy orders”.

Seems more “automated” than “semi” right now:

Not that it’s really all that difficult.

The Brainwashed Masses, the Walmart Zombies and the Sheeple are incapable of seeing it coming:

Of course, most people think we went to the moon, so there’s that too.

I’m not sure that’s all for the “deflation scare”:

I mean, the Fed and the Federal government really are acting as if they were Silly Deflationistas, so either they’re trying to lose whatever is left of their so-called “credibility”, or the deflation smoke-n-mirrors will be brought out on stage.

Interestingly, crude oil gets a pass:

Because if the Middle East wasn’t enough of a pass, the “most powerful hurricane to hit Louisiana, ever” has just made landfall.

Platinum is not convincing one way or another:

Will it be by the end of the week?

Palladium is still not to be relied upon for direction in the precious metals:

I will say this about the precious metals in general, however: Most everybody thinks we’ve bottomed.

Silver is now clearly underperforming gold:

As I’ve been expecting, but not as I’ve been exactly expecting it.

In part, because everybody thinks gold’s “off to the races”:

One problem is, we’ve been off to the races since early August.

Too bad 99.999% of all of the silver “advocates” out there, including all of the names, groups, and “movements” you know, are fakes, frauds, phonies and worse:

Said differently, if 99.999% of the silver “advocates” out there had just 0.001% of a shred of sincerity, honesty, integrity, or quite simply, a care, and not just some ulterior motive, we wouldn’t be talking about silver under twenty five dollars right now.

Dang shame…