Gold & Silver Can Store Wealth In This Financial Depression, Food At Home Is Better Than Cash

What’s needed to get through the global reset and the rebooting of the system? Here’s what…

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Great and Wonderful Monday Folks,

      The week starts off with a positive gain in Gold with the trade at $1,667.60, up $21.10 after reaching $1,673.00 with the low at $1,638.20. The Tag a Long Kid – Silver, is up as well with its trade at $14.790 up 29.6 cents after reaching $14.86 with the low at $14.355. The US Dollar is still above par with the trade at 100.715, registering a gain of 0.038 after hitting a high of 100.945 with the low at 100.535. Of course, all of this happened before 5 am pst, the Comex open, the London close, and after Boris went to the hospital, and just before Japan declares a State of Emergency.

      Everything precious metals is green in the Emerging Markets this morning. In Venezuela, the price for Gold gained 340.57 Bolivar over the weekend with the trade at 16,655.15 with Silver doing the same, adding 1.598 with the trade at 147.715 Bolivar. Argentina’s Peso added 2,583.51 A-Peso’s to the price with the last registered trade at 108,086.37 with Silver now at 958.318 A-Peso’s showing an additional gain of 13.738 since the Friday morning count. Turkey’s Lira is also dropping in value and pushing the prices higher with Gold now at 11,297.62 Lira showing the additional gains of 327.96 with Silver adding 1.8755 T-Lira with the last trade at 100.111.

      April Silver’s Delivery Demands now shows a count of 54 fully paid for contracts proving a drop of 7 from Friday’s count which had a trading range between $14.59 and $14.436 with the last trade showing at $14.55 with the adjusted and fixed close at the low price when no real trades registered below $14.55. So far this morning, we have 1 trade in the Volume column at $14.550 making Friday’s low close nothing but a manipulation of price, not related to any purchase. Silver’s Overall Open Interest fell by 1,430 contracts from Friday’s early morning report, giving us the starting tally of 138,754 Overnighters now in play, as we wait to see what the markets will do without all that controlling paper made to keep the price low when we should already be in 3 digits from the left of the decimal.

      April Gold’s Delivery Demands now stands at 1,905 fully paid for contracts proving 2,182 obligations got settled out on Friday with that day’s trading range between $1,636.00 and $1,619.80 with the last trade at $1,634.20 and the adjusted close at $1,633.70. So far this morning we have a Volume of 393 up on the board with a trading range between $1,655.60 and $1,625.90 with the last trade at the high showing a $21.90 gain so far. Gold’s Overall Open Interest continues to fall as another 6,138 pieces of paper exited the trade, since Friday morning, leaving 484,056 still in play.

      Supposedly the next 2 weeks will be brutal, as warned by the USA Viral Team weeks ago, and as mentioned above, Boris is in the hospital with this life taking biological and after China sold four billion masks to foreign countries since MarchBritain purchased millions of masks and test kits making us wonder, are these newly made products, created by someone who just so happens to be a carrier of this virus? Can anything from the CCP be safe or trusted going forward? Let’s face it, this event in our lives is a true financial depression maker, no one can deny this at all.

      Now that we are here, the idea of cash at home is still good, but having stored foods, to carry a family over the time it takes to reboot the global system, may be more important. Leaving everyone with the question, how long will a reboot take, and will it succeed? Food wealth may take the place of immediate cash, with physical Silver and Gold set aside, and away from any third party, till for after the devaluation happens. Which may be in play now, remember Trump knows bankruptcy very well, and at the same time, the Open Interest in precious metals is dropping hard and fast.

      So Keep Positive No Matter What! That smile is by far more contagious, than the bug, because a happy face can be seen at a distance and thru masks and windows. As Always …

Stay Strong!

J. Johnson

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