Gold & Silver Begin Week At $1800 And $26, Silver Found To Be In Extraplenty Supply

How will plentymetals prices move with this week’s many economarket reports and Fed Head motivational speeches?

(by Half Dollar) Hello fine Party Members.

There are many big newsevents this week!

For fancymath lovers, we have the Ministry of Plenty’s Good Price News, the “Consumer Price Index” in Oldspeak, which should be a plusgood report this month.

We also have the Wonderful Sales News to be released on Friday.

As a friendly, final reminder, the Wonderful Sales News now takes the place of the outdated “Retail Sales Report”.

It is with great hopes that Party Members had another good month.

For fancytalk lovers, everyday this week, some of the Party’s glorious Fed Heads will be making speeches, and some of the speeches are in the morning while others are in the afternoon, so Party Members will be able to see some of the speeches live!

Members who do not see the speeches live will see the speeches rebroadcast through the telescreens at night.

In other doubleplusgood news, All-Ministry Manager recently said we are close to enjoying greater riches with a brand new competition campaign in our economarkets:

Unconfirmed reports indicate that Party Members have already taken to the streets to thank Big Brother for that, and the Ministry of Truth will be giving an update about that later tonight.

The price of power has steadied:

The Ministry of Love would like to remind everybody who has not yet had their aircoolers uninstalled to not get anxious.

Ministry of Plenty teams are working just as fast as they can to uninstall the badmachines, and Ministry of Plenty workers are even volunteering extratime to make it happen!

Copper prices have been going up:

Ungood chatter has been spreading in the canteen about which Party Members will get their telescreens updated first.

The Ministry of Love has confirmed that the chatter is unfounded:

There is not much to worry about and even less to fear, the Ministry added.

The goodmarket hit another historic high today:

Our economarkets are booming, and Party Members in all ministries are winning big.

The value of money has been less than perfectly stable, but this is nothing to worry about:

Manymore soldiers are coming home from war to prepare for their next war, and since they’ve been so busy fighting, they have not had a chance to spend all of their money on all of the great goods and services we produce, so those great soldiers will be eager to spend their money here at home while the rations are generous, the Ministry of Peace informed the Ministry of Plenty.

The Party’s finances continue to be in excellent condition:

Early indications are that the new competition campaign announced by All-Ministry Manager is already making our financial position even stronger!

Palladium is a little bit unsettled:

Palladium does come from faraway lands, so there is some uneasiness from time to time when foreign governments don’t initially go along with our plans.

Platinum has been in great supply for those who need it:

The Ministry of Plenty kindly reminds the Party to request your platinum only when it is needed.

The Ministry of Plenty would also like to remind everybody that there is a gigantic supply of silver:

And since the Ministry of Peace just located another cave of plentymetal in Latina Land, there will be an even extraplenty supply of silver for a doublesupergoodlong time.

Gold begins the week at $1800:

This is a very busy week in the economarkets.

Finally, if they get freetime this week, fancymath lovers will be eager to watch the ratio:

Fancymath lovers have been biting their nails for weeks wondering what is going to happen with it next?

And on that note, the Ministry of Plenty would like to announce that the next batch of nailclippers will not be ready for a little while longer because of a delay in the repair of the concave steel micro-stamping & sharpening machine.

In the meantime, enjoy these goodtimes…