Gold, Silver And “Markets” Yawn At Release Of Fed’s September FOMC Meeting Minutes

The “markets” are much more interested in what Trump has to say, or Tweet, which could be coming, and/or reversing, at any moment now…

(by Half Dollar) On a day like today, it would normally be “all eyes on the Fed”.

I mean, just check out today’s calendar of events and, well, let’s just say it’s chock full of friendly reminders to bow down to the all-knowing enlightened few:

Of course, Trump trumped all of that with his same day flip-flop on fiscal stimulus, so the Fed will be riding in the backseat today.

Regardless, the Fed just released its “minutes” from the September FOMC Meeting, which can be read here for those who have a stomach of iron.

Here are gold & silver’s reaction the moment the minutes “hit the tape”:

Do you even smash, bro?

Notice, however, the change in roles: Early on in his Presidency, Trump was pressuring Fed Head Jerome Powell to cut interest rates, revert to quantitative easing, and do things like that.

Need I remind anybody there was even a time when it was unclear if China’s Xi or the Fed’s Powell was the biggest enemy to America?

Regardless, the roles have changed.

It’s now apparently Powell pressuring the Federal Government to stimulate, with the Federal government in general, and Trump specifically, playing the “Bad Cop” role.


What’s that?

Your popcorn’s burnt?

Well, when it’s free bread-n-circuses, it’s not like you can just swap that bag out for a new one with a fresh scoop, much less get your money back!

Just be glad they’re not Dirt Cakes.

Those are coming, indeed, and so are the hunger pangs, but only for the ill-prepared, as well as those who are holding out, and, oh, you know, “trusting the plan”.