The Globalists And Globalism Vs President Trump And Economic Uncertainty

The globalists have a long-term plan for all of humanity, but they might not be successful in implementing it. Here’s why…

Brandon Smith of Alt-Market interviewed on CrushTheStreet

I was happy to participate in the following interview with Crush The Street, which focused primarily on Donald Trump and his strange association with the globalist agenda.  As many Alt-Market readers know, I remain rather skeptical of the “Trump as a popultist hero on a white horse” storyline.  My hope is that the movement retains a level of objectivity when it comes to the Trump Administration, and that it does not buy into rumors being spread through the “Q” narrative.  Rumors based on blind faith rather than verifiable evidence…

Brandon Smith, Founder of

Brandon Smith discuses globalism and the long-term agenda that the globalist have planned for humanity.
We also break down the fundamentals of the economy and what happens when debt simply cannot be paid back.

01:00 The logic behind alternative economics
03:05 Globalism and Trump
07:05 Economy, debt and trade wars
14:05 Minimizing risk in economic uncertainty