GLOBAL ECONOMIC MELTDOWN: Major Impact On Silver Investment & Market

The global meltdown will turn into an economic depression in which few are prepared…

by Steve St Angelo of SRSrocco Report

The global meltdown will turn into an economic depression in which few are prepared.  The mainstream financial media focuses on the highly inflated stock rally and safety in the bond market, while the underlying fundamentals of the economy continue to disintegrate.  However, “Earnings Season” is getting ready to start… so watch for fireworks to begin shortly.

Even though the Fed and central banks can prop up the stock market and financial assets, they stop the coming gauntlet of LOUSY EARNINGS DATA. How can the Dow Jones Index be trading at 24,000 while the main driver of the economy, “The Oil Industry,” is being destroyed in rapid order? With the U.S. oil price closing in the $12 range, negative oil prices are once again around the corner.

In my newest video, GLOBAL MELTDOWN:  Major Impact On Silver Investment & Market, I discuss the deteriorating economic indicators and how they will be negative for silver supply and positive for silver investment.

In one of my last video updates, I forecasted that the global silver mine supply would decline between 100-150 Moz in 2020.  Well, this looks like a more realistic forecast because both Peru and Mexico extended the lockdown of their economies:

With Mexico and Peru locked down for two months, upwards of 50 million oz of silver was lost.  Furthermore, if we include the coming collapse in global base metal demand, we could easily see 100+ million oz of silver mine supply curtailed this year.   In the video, I provide the most updated data on global silver supply as a by-product of base metal mining.

I believe global silver mine supply will be falling right at the very time we see RECORD PHYSICAL SILVER INVESTMENT demand.

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