Giuliani’s Legal Team Dropping Bombs

After the bombs were dropped during the Giuliani press conference regarding multiple levels of voter frauds, Gold has reversed with…

by  J. Johnson via JS Mineset

Great and Wonderful Friday Morning Folks,

      After the bombs were dropped during the Giuliani press conference regarding multiple levels of voter frauds, Gold has reversed with the trade at $1,869.80, up $2.90 after hitting $1,874 during the London trade with the low at $1,864.70. Silver is up 13.6 cents with the trade at $24.30 after hitting a high of $24.425 with the low at $24.075. The US Dollar Index, which is a bunch of other currencies used to support our Dollar so China, as well as others, can peg itself at a lower mark, is now pegged at 92.30, up 1.6 points after it hit a high of 92.40 with the low at 92.185. Of course, all this happened way before the Sun came up over the west coast, before the London close, and after Argentina’s socialist regime, turned on the rich, because they already stole all they could from the poor, by approving a “confiscatory” wealth tax on millionaires.

      Gold under the Venezuelan Bolivar is now trading at 18,674.63, proving a gain of 19.98 overnight with Silver also gaining 1.548 Bolivar with its last trade at 242.696. Argentina’s A-Peso price for Gold, wound-up leading the reversals yesterday and is continuing to trek higher with the markets adding another 485.77 A-Peso’s with the last buy at 150,082.84 with Silver finally responding to Gold’s turn with its trade adding 16.86 A-Peso’s with the last price at 1,950.66. Turkey’s currency added 81.22 to Gold’s price with the last trade registered at 14,228.48 T-Lira, with Silver’s last price at 184.967, proving an additional 2.122 T-Lira was added to the price.

      November Silver’s Delivery Demands now sit at 118 fully paid for contracts waiting for receipts, and once again, with no Volume or Price to post so far today. Yesterday’s activity had nothing to add (No Trades and No Volume) with the Comex Closing price Calculated at $24.033, down 40 cents, that helped reduce the Demand count as 19 buyers, finally got their receipts, maybe. Silver’s Overall Open Interest (as of right now, not the Comex closing numbers) is at 160,308, proving 334 more pieces of paper had to be added into the mix since yesterday morning’s write-up. 

      November Gold’s Delivery Demands now sit at 99 fully paid for contracts waiting for receipts, and with no Price or Volume, so far today. Yesterday’s full Ice/Comex trading day had a Volume of 58 up on the board with a trading range between $1,865.80 and $1,856 with the last swap at $1,859.30 with that CCC at $1,861.10, down $12.40 helping to reduce the waiting list by 38 contracts that possibly got receipts between here and London. Gold’s controllers had to add another batch of paper to keep the markets liquid with the Overall Open Interest now at 554,715 Overnighters proving a Liquid Paper increase of 2,504 to go against the physicals.

      The depth and breadth of the accusations made by the Trump administration, against the leaders of the Democratic Party, with its foreign friends, needs to be vetted in a court of law and fully televised. Most likely it won’t be seen on TV, Google, Youtube, but on another platform that is not controlled by Anti-Americans. There is no way a singular writeup can encompass what is being claimed. It must be fully heard in its entirety as Trump’s attorneys held a news conference on this and past elections! Then it must be factually proven in a court of law, not in the nightly sermons given by the lying-priests, held on high, within the main stream medias, which are obviously complicit. It may start right here too, with Lin Wood filing his suit in Georgia ‘beginning of the tsunami of evidence’. Giving the accused their chance to be heard in court of law, is what our system of government is all about. Giuliani’s legal team said far more than I thought they would, which is why I called it Dropping Bombs.

      We live, breathe, and survive, by laws! Those that we have elected (maybe?), are supposed to be living under those same laws (not above them), but it seems they have been circumventing the law for so long now, they have no idea where that legal line, they’ve crossed, is. If any of these accusations are true, the underlings, who may have been caught doing the dirty work, will try to cut a deal by narking on their superiors as we advance up the controlling chain to the one who supplies the direction and the money used to direct.

      China is obviously a target in more ways than one, especially if it is proven they intruded into our elections. Let us pray for a peaceful outcome, as our election process, and these new accusations of voter theft, and those we’ve all spoken about over the decades, becomes a fact or fiction in a court of law.

      The markets are not reacting like they should, but one day they will! Which is why Guns, Grub, Gold, and Ammo, are worth having. Enjoy your weekend, find that smile and keep the attitudes positive, and as always …

Love the Patriotic!

J. Johnson

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